La Bella Vita EP Cover

Finally IIndman has released a project he’s been working on for the past months. You have heard the single last year in February, but finally he has released the whole La Bella Vita, an electronica EP that consists of trippy and soulful beat music including a feature by a talented artist named Emamkay.

This EP is an outline of life in different textures and energy. An escape route to learning to appreciate the things you have in the life you’re living – it is your present. Teach your children that a person is more valuable than any treasure found on this earth, teach them to love, teach them to sing, and dance, teach them to be courageous, and tell them they will be victorious in anything they put their heart and mind to, teach them honesty and to never give up hope. The end of something is always the beginning of something else.

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Synopsis by Madri Van Wyk. Promotional art by Lizé Alberts. Final cover art by Cherrie Cordier. Logo by Isabelle Smit.