Moments In Time Single Cover

IIndman has released Moment In Time, a soulful electronica single featuring Camilla Luna Vazquez from Oslo, Norway – accompanied by strummed jazz keys of Emamkay.

This song encourages to take a moment. Close your eyes. See the world around you. Every star blinking, the soft rustle of the wind. Now imagine nature in slow motion. The flapping of a hummingbird. A whale’s song. The thunder and lightning.

You see, the whole universe is singing a song. Dancing to their own rhythm, making a beat that we are often to busy to hear.
Two lovers dance to this same beat. Listening with their hearts. Tuned into every move of their partner. Joined by passion.
Let us listen to the song of every creature, big and small. Let us join to the song of the universe, moving with our hearts. Let us become infused by the enchantment of age old secrets that we have forgotten.

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Synopsis by Madri Van Wyk. Cover Art by Jolandie Kriel. Logo by Isabelle Smit.